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Senator Carl Levin

Posted in Uncategorized by billpaquette on February 1, 2010

Senator Levin: “Unemployment not my focus.” .    From C4L.

When Mike Stark for Firedoglake asks Sen. Carl Levin whether he is concerned that Bernanke isn’t focusing enough on maintaining maximum employment, the Senator responded, “That’s not been one of the questions I’ve focused on. I’ve focused on other issues.”



Straight from the horse’s mouth: “Who cares whether Bernanke’s doing his job or unemployment is out of control.”

Editor’s note: Levin went on to vote for both cloture and final confirmation.

As a senator who is supposed to represent Michigan, how can he possibly be focused on anything else but unemployment and jobs. Michigan has the highest unemployment in the country and has had for several years now, currently 14.6% as reported by The Bureau of Labor Statistics on 1/22/2010. If only the 17th amendment to the Constitution were repealed and then we could force both of our senators to represent our state rather than themselves!