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News for 1/22/2010

Posted in Uncategorized by billpaquette on January 22, 2010

Please Support H.R. 4453 and Ask Your Representative to Co-Sponsor     Soldier for Liberty

Obama’s Boss’s Agenda in Peril    CFP

Mass. Reverberations on EPA regulation of ‘Green House Gases’    American Thinker

Media Matters Debunks Simpson    American Thinker

No one in charge at Justice    American Thinker

Air America Goes Bankrupt and Off the Air!     NewsReal

Specter tells Bachmann to “Act like a lady” as he acts like a Sexist.    NewsReal

 Hillary to Banned Muslim Scholars: Welcome Back!    NewsReal


News for 1/6/2010

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Morning Bell: Happy Tax Year!    Heritage Foundation

Beck Is The Media Matters “Misinformer” of the Year    News Real

FDR Understood How To Treat Enemy Combatants – Why Can’t Obama?     News Real

Dems to tie immigration reform to health care vote   American Thinker

Earthquake Rumblings?    American Thinker

Obama: Raising the White Flag to America’s Terrorists    News Real

9/11 Didn’t Happen: The Obama Administration Tries to Prove George Bush Was Wrong     Red State

Profile Away     Fox Business

Who Is the Enemy?     National Review