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News for 1/8/2010

Posted in Uncategorized by billpaquette on January 8, 2010
Getting Control of Congress, Permanently  American Thinker

“Green Jobs” = SEIU/Union Jobs    Michelle Malkin

Poverty Is Not a Cause of Terrorism, Radical Islam Is     Human Events

 The Westergaard Attack: It’s All the Same Jihad    Human Events

 Pentagon Denies Meeting Request for SEAL Petition    Human Events

 The War on Extremists is a War, Not a Law Enforcement Issue    News Real

Two-Face Obama      News Real

Lying Liberals Are Addicted To Spending      News Real

Guns for Me, Not for Thee: MA Circuit Court Ruling on Concealed Carry Case    News Real

 How DHS decided which terrorists not to screen    American Thinker

Are Iran’s fingerprints on the Christmas day attack?     American Thinker

Yes, there is a solution to airline security     American Thinker

 Letter from 141 scientists to UN Sec Gen Ban states skeptics case    American Thinker

 An overview of senate races for 2010    American Thinker


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